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Artist Advocacy

In the global effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, gigging musicians are getting all of their shows cancelled. There’s no safety net, no backup plan. The lucky ones are getting their shows rescheduled rather than cancelled, but either way, it’s a loss of income that’s going to last several months. If you would like to help an artist who inspires you, you can donate to AAF and we will get your contribution to that artist (92 percent of your donation will go directly to the artist and 8 percent will go to AAF to cover administrative cost to help us help other artists.)
If you do not have a specific artist in mind, but recognize the urgent need and would like to help, please donate now, and we will disburse your contributions to artists in need.

Donate here: DONATE

Please donate to the Artist Advocacy Foundation.

AAF is a 501 c 3 public charity. Your contributions are tax deductible.


Thank you.