Artist Advocacy Foundation | "We Aspire to Inspire"
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The Artist Advocacy Foundation (AAF)
is a 501c3 Educational Foundation
(ID# 32-0236486.)

AAF partners with TFT-TV

We are proud to have contributed to the filming, recording and archiving of Tales from the Tavern concert series. These artistically and culturally significant programs are now available through Tales from the Tavern Television.

... Walk through any of the world’s great art museums or listen to any classical symphony orchestra and know that what you are seeing and hearing would almost certainly not exist but for the role of patrons and philanthropists. The Artist Advocacy Foundation serves as a conduit between today’s artists and patrons.

Not "arts" funding; "art-ist" funding

Donations to AAF go towards:

  • Artist Grants – musicians, poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and more;
  • Venue grants – theaters, studios, and other public and private gathering spaces;
  • Medical payments – to help lifelong professional artists get and pay for medical and dental care;
  • Archiving – professional audio and video services, with data storage solutions – to preserve and promote the works of the artists;
  • Production – of live and recorded works;
  • Live events – concerts, exhibitions, readings, slideshows, festivals and more;
  • Broadcast events – live performances, interviews, documentary films;
  • Educational programs – lectures, seminars, workshops, newsletters, video messaging; and
  • Administration

With increasingly effective programming, AAF is raising awareness of the value of art – by creating opportunities for artists and art-appreciators to connect in ways that are rewarding and that enhance a mutual-appreciation of each other. With your assistance, we are able to support, produce and promote more artists, events and programs that Aspire to Inspire; specifically, ones that may not have the funds to carry out their work without financial assistance.

Since March 2020, the Artist Advocacy Foundation has given grants to 50 different artists, events and programs around the country, including musicians, painters, photographers, poets, filmmakers, community-centers, and more. With your help, we are able to offer support and inspiration to those who inspire others; specifically, ones that may not have the funds to carry out their work without financial assistance.

Please consider including AAF in your giving. A donation link is included here. We pledge to administer your gifts wisely.

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