Artist Advocacy Foundation | "We Aspire to Inspire"
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Artist Advocacy

Everyone’s all gung ho about providing arts opportunities for our youth, knowing that exposure to and involvement in the arts results in better academic outcomes, higher career goals, better job performance, greater civic engagement, and healthier family and social relationships. We’re all for it, and we will help where-and-whenever we can, but (we ask) what about adult artists; the ones who have spent a lifetime honing their craft, telling our stories, boosting our spirits, strengthening our hearts and extending our vision? Society offers no programs or gives no thought to providing them with opportunities. Instead, they are left with the choice to either a) resign oneself to being an amateur hobbyist, while working some other job; b) conform and compromise for the sake of acceptance and payment; or c) attempt to remain true, knowing that it (most likely) will mean a life of rejection and material hardship. Still, they strive to work, and improve, and express themselves, and serve others, and hopefully in the process be able to pay their bills.


It is the Mission of the Artist Advocacy Foundation to support artists (and also events and programs) that inspire us – through excellence and mastery, strength of character, fortitude and perseverance, and through the power-truth-and-meaning of their message – especially those with financial need.


This past year, we provided support and assistance to poets, painters, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers and more – through grants and direct funding of: equipment, supplies and materials, performance fees, promotional costs, repairs, medical and dental bills, rental fees, professional services, and tour support. Perhaps even more importantly, we have been relentless in our efforts to educate people as to the benefits of art and the importance of funding artists.


We ask you to join us in this lofty endeavor that we may increase the scope of our good works, and benefit artists and communities in ever more impactful ways.


Please donate to the Artist Advocacy Foundation.


AAF is a 501 c 3 public charity. Your contributions are tax deductible.


Thank you.